Euro-American Relations in the Age of Globalization: Risks and Opportunities
Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, Via Principe Amedeo 34
Turin, 6 May 2019


9:00 Registration

9:15 Institutional Greetings - Umberto Morelli


Keynote Speaker : Nicole Dewandre European Commission – Joint Research Centre
An Arendtian radiography of the transatlantic bonds

10:30 Coffee break

10:45 Session 1 A Trumped-Up Relation? Discourses of Europe and the USA in an Age of Change

Chair: Massimiliano Demata

Veronika Koller University of Lancaster 
Special or strained? The US-UK relationship in times of Brexit

Raluca Levonian Università di Udine / University of Bucharest
‘Together in peacetime and in crisis’: institutional discourse about the Euro-American military partnership on social media

Liudmila Arcimaviciene Vilniaus Universitetas 
The polarity of the U.S. identitarian role in the diplomatic discourse of the EU, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus: from metaphor to ideological triggers

Nataliia Steblyna Odesa I. I. Mechnikov University 
News Values Perception in Donald Trump’s Era: How Ukrainian Student’s-Journalists Create News about US President Speech

12:30  Discussion

13:00 Lunch


Keynote Speaker: Mario Del Pero Institut d’Études politiques de Paris-SciencesPo
Donald Trump and the End of Atlantica?

15:30 Session 2 A European or a Transatlantic Common Home? An Overview on the Euro-American Debate on Gorbachev’s European Common Home

Chair: Marco Mariano

Lara Piccardo
Università di Genova
The European Common Home between Legend and Pragmatism

Stefano Luconi Università di Genova
George H. W. Bush’s restraint and Mikhail Gorbachev’ “Common European Home”

Francesco Pierini Università di Genova 
“A Whole Europe, a Free Europe

Eleonora Guasconi Università di Genova 
The Debate on Gorbachev’s European Common Home inside the European Community

17:00  Discussion

17:20  Session 3 From the Fall of the Berlin Wall to Trump’s Wall: US, Europe, and the Politics of Fear

Chair: Giovanni Borgognone

Patricia Chiantera
Università di Bari
Fears of oneself: perceptions of the role of the American elites in the political literature after 1989

Paolo Donadio Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II 
Trump vs. EU: framing the enemy

Maria Ivana Lorenzetti Università di Verona
Anti-Immigration Rhetoric in Italy and in the USA: A Comparative Analysis

18:30 Discussion

19:00 End of Conference

Organizing and Scientific Committees University of Turin: Giovanni Borgognone, Andrea Carosso, Michelangelo Conoscenti, Massimiliano Demata, Marco Mariano, Umberto Morelli, Rachele Raus, Giuseppe Sciara, Francesca Somenzari.

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