THUSDAY October 22 ►► 14-16
"Je t’aime, moi non plus". 40 Years of an Uneven Relationship between Europe and Greece
Giannis Papageorgiou, University of Thessaloniki, Greece
THUSDAY October  29  ►► 16-18
Can Germany Make the EU Strong Again?
Eric Bonse, Political Scientist and Journalist, Senior EU-Correspondent in Brussels
THUSDAY November 3 ►► 16-18
The EU, Trade Unions and the European Job Market Challenges: The European Trade Union Confederation Perspective
Luca Visentini, General Secretary, European Trade Union Confederation
THUSDAY November 12 ►► 10-12
An Externally Constrained Hybrid Regime: Hungary in the European Union
András Bozóki, Central European University, Hungary
FRIDAY November 13 ►► 12 - 14
Civil Society Power and Engagement with EU Development Policy
Céline Mias, Director, CARE International’s EU Office; Vice-President, Concord Europe